Lesson Fees and Info

during a lesson

  • $30.00 per half hour
  • $40.00 per 45 minutes
  • $50.00 per hour

Lessons are paid for in advance on a monthly basis, due the first lesson of each month.

An annual fee of $10.00 will be charged per student or family of students to cover miscellaneous expenses including billing, recitals and teaching supplies.

Credit for missed lessons will be given in the case of illness when notice is given prior to the scheduled lesson. Cancellation or rescheduling of a lesson for any other reason must be made with the teacher at least 24 hours in advance.

metronomeIn addition to the cost of lessons, students will be requested to buy from the teacher specific music, a theory workbook and an assignment book. Students should come prepared to each lesson with these materials. Students will also be required to own a metronome.

Sufficient progress on the piano requires daily practice (20 minutes a day for beginners to two hours a day for advanced). Setting aside a regular practice time each day works well for most students. Young beginners will need parental supervision to practice, but the goal is for practicing to become self-directed.

A well-tuned piano (one tuning per year is recommended) with good lighting and free of household distractions must be available for daily practice. A piano bench or chair should be adjusted to a comfortable height with feet resting on the floor or a raised block.

Occasionally students may get together for a class. Selective students will participate in master classes, festivals, adjudications and recitals sponsored by the Washington State Music Teachers’ Association and community arts organizations. Students will perform in a holiday recital in December and an end of the year recital in June.

Parents are encouraged to talk to the teacher about their child’s lessons and progress on the piano. Prospective students should arrange an interview with the teacher to get acquainted and to further discuss piano study.

A Studio Reservation Form and prepayment of one month of lessons is required to enroll in piano lesson.